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Milestones, a prestigious fabric buildings supplier, offers extraordinary fabric buildings that have valuable advantages over other structures.  We use the highest level of technology that has been developed in the fabric building industry today.  Our fabric covered buildings withstand harsh weather, caustic product storage and heavy use. 

Milestones Fabric Buildings Advantages:

1.  Build-to-suit dimensions:  Your desired width and length, as well as leg heights, center height and roof slope

dimensions that accommodate your fabric buildings application.

2.  Our fabric structures come in widths from 30' to 300' and wider.

3.  They are the strongest fabric buildings available in today's industry:

Rigorously engineered with rigid steel beam frames (not hollow steel tubing).

4.  Free-span open interiors, no interior column supports and can be engineered for heavy loading.

5.  High performance structures that preserve product value and protect your investments.

6.  Lower cost of ownership and the best return for your dollar.




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